Garena Free Fire OP BNL Free Fire ID- Stats, K/D Ratio and Many More.

BNL, whose real name is Oussama Elloumi, could be a massive free Fire YouTuber from Center East servers. He also airs Free Fire on Nemo TV. BNL is a kind of icon in the Free Heart community and has fans all over the world due to its great potential in the game. Most of us really need to understand BNL’s free Fire ID. Throughout this article, we’re going to reveal the BNL free Fire ID, real name, statistics, revenue and more. To know more about OP BNL then stay connected with this post till the end. 

Garena Free Fire OP BNL Free Fire ID- Stats, K/D Ratio and Many More.
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BNL’s Free Fire ID and Stats.

BNL’s free-fire ID is 297929835. His free fire account is currently at 80 and has an amazing range of 73746 likes on his profile. Even for the famous Free Fire YouTuber, the amount of likes on his Free Fire account is really insane. His Bottle Vogue Dominator and Fighter. He is currently in the Overpower Club. In the last Battle Royale season twenty-one, BNL reached Hero II rank and is currently ranked Diamond IV.

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As far as Clash Squad Graded mode is concerned, they did not fight big and remained in the bronze rank. BNL has shown the amazing free fire player through its gameplay and highlights. Therefore, many would like to understand his overall statistics on the Free Fire Area Unit. Statistics for the duration of the BnL

Free Fire in Battle Royal Mode and Clash Squad Mode below the Area Unit. BNL participated in a total of 26813 games in squad mode and won 3,687 of those games, which explains the thirteen.7% win rate. He collected a total of 90223 murders and a 3.36 K / D quantitative correlation.

In doubles mode, they fought a total of 774 and won eighty-four. This is a ten .8% win rate. They found a total of 1443 murders in doubles mode, which may be a quantitative correlation of 1.86 K / D. In solo mode, the Dreamer fought a total of 1249 and had seventy-eight wins, a half dozen .2% win rate. He gained a total of 2409 kg, which explains the quantitative relationship of 9 k / d. As you can see, BNL mostly has Bottle Royal Squad mode but does not touch the two opposite modes. 

The same can be said for many Free Fire YouTubers in Asian countries. Many players prefer Squad Mode Extra because it requires extra strategy and talent compared to different modes. This is the first time for the BNL as well as its ninety-ninth match, along with the entire field unit squad matches.

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BNL’s Additional Achievement and YouTube Channel.

BNL has a total of 1348 Clash squad matches in its account and has a success rate of seventy.85% with 955 wins. The best free fire players reach the five hundred win rate and it is very difficult to stay in the seventeenth win rate.

He has a very aggressive performance, including 10,451 kg and 2.52 K / D / A. His headshot rate was also very high, fifty-two 2.46%. Although he does not play clash squads, everyone usually has a lot more figures square measure, which indicates how savvy he is in the game.

Note that these figures are the square measurements recorded immediately after writing this article and are subject to change in the future. The BNL YouTube channel currently has 7.22 million members. This channel was created on August 7, 2017, and has received a total of 490 million views so far. On this channel, he posts his gameplay and video highlights on Free Fire.